Fishing Trips

Once in the sea it is always improvised, that is its charm, always deciding our clients according to their preferences.
One of the thousand possibilities is trolling fishing, which in addition to waiting for some pieces to bite at the same time, sails and feels the pleasant sensation of the wind and the movement of the sailboat over the sea.
For those who love deep-sea fishing, once they reach the fishing point, they pull the reeds and wait for that bite that makes the adrenaline rise, as always the fish will be for the clients who will be able to enjoy their fishing at the table.
Go sailing with our sailboat and enjoy the freedom that the sea provides.
We offer fishing days for those who love it.
The day begins with a breakfast to getsome strength as the day will be as exciting as exhausting. Fishing is in line with the season. The beauty of this sport is the uncertainty of not knowing how the day will go but fun is definitely guaranteed.

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